Convoy Website Management Features

At its core, Convoy is an extendable web application platform and website Content Management System (CMS) coupled with an Inventory Presentation System (IPS) customized for the specific needs of the heavy automotive dealership industry.

So what is an extendable web Content Management System?

Put simply, a web Content Management System allows you to manage your website contents (text images, video, etc.) without the need for a developer. It’s extendable because we’ve designed it to evolve with the ever-changing Internet landscape, easily adding new components and features as your needs change. It’s integrated because, unlike many other blog sites or content management systems, the editing interface is built directly into the web page, eliminating the complex series of windows often associated with content maintenance. No more maintenance screens. No more confusion. No more frustration!

How it Works

Abandoning the traditional idea of edit screens or blog posts used by most conventional content management systems, our system is integrated directly into your website pages. Our control system appears in the form of a toolbar at the bottom of each web page.  This small but powerful toolbar allows you the ability to edit page content, page properties, page view state, site maps, channel maps, Artifacts and much more.

Inline editor

Our unique inline editor makes content editing easy. It’s easy because you never have to leave the web page you’re viewing. You make your edits directly on the web page and see it exactly as it will appear when published. This content can then be inherited to different pages, which means less work for you and synchronized content across your entire site.

Our inline editor has many of the features normally associated with standard document editors like Microsoft Word. These features are readily available to the user via familiar icons. The editor allows:

  • Text formatting options including font, size, color, bolding, italics, underlining, justification, text casing, superscripts, subscripts and more
  • Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy and Paste functionality from Word and other sources
  • Ordered and unordered lists
  • Content spellchecking with “Find” and “Replace” features
  • Special HTML elements such as special characters, horizontal rules, headers and paragraphs
  • Media management, including elements to manage images, documents, video, Flash, Silverlight and Artifacts
  • Direct HTML editing and more

Drag & drop control

Site maps use right-click context menus with drag & drop capabilities. This makes it easy to quickly modify your website structure.

Web page properties

Access your web page properties with a single click, including all relevant meta information about the page.

URL customization

Optimize your search engine results (SEO) by using our completely customizable URLs.

Meta data control

Add meta tags and descriptions easily to your web pages.

Page content inheritance

Reduce your workload by inheriting contents from one page to another, seamlessly sharing content across your site.

Web page grouping

Cluster web pages in your site menus using drag & drop web page grouping.

Web page lifespan

Take control of your site’s special features and harness the power of timed web events. Set the activation date & lifespan of your web pages with a few simple clicks.

Web page Recycle Bin

Drag & drop or easily restore items from our system’s convenient & familiar “Recycle Bin” system.

Hidden pages

Easily hide pages from menus, making them accessible only by a known URL for promotions or landing pages.

Directed site search

Create directed site searches by modifying a page’s meta tags and description without cluttering up your content with keywords.

One-click SSL

Instead of the common all-or-nothing approach to SSL, you can tailor each of your pages as needed for secure online transactions or data management.

Draft > Submit > Approve

Save draft content, submit drafts for review and approve or reject content with the click of a button, all controlled by an advanced permissions system.

Themes & Skins

Swap out the entire look of your site without modifying your content using site Themes and Skins.

Granular permissions

Tailor and restrict site members’ channel editing and viewing capabilities at a very granular permissions level.

Membership listing

Easily maintain and list site members using our advanced membership control system.

Site security

We’ve incorporated a variety of site security measures into a multi-layered approach to reduce the likelihood of site hacking and site incursions.

Analytics integration

With only a tracking code, easily integrate your site with true website analytics using Google Analytics.

Single source display

Increase efficiency by editing web and mobile versions of your site simultaneously using our single source flexible framework.

True multilingual content

Rather than creating mirrored sites for separate languages and regions, our system allows for the true multilingual content specific to each page, allowing you to control all language versions of a single page at the same time.

Translation services

To assist with content synchronization between language versions, a translation utility is available to translate and migrate specific page contents from one localized version to another.

Extendable web platform

Our system is built on a robust development platform that can be extended to meet your specific business needs. Unlike many website development companies who are at the mercy of whatever platform they’re using, we can create any custom components you require.

Convoy is a version of the HORIZON ICM website content management system designed specifically for the Heavy Automotive Dealer industry. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.