Why Convoy? What is it?

Convoy is an evolutionary website and mobile web content management system customized for the unique needs of heavy automotive and recreational vehicle dealerships. It was designed for a very specific purpose: to simplify the management of website content for both desktop and mobile users, helping you deliver your company’s brand and products to your customers.

When we first began to develop Convoy, the web was slow and ugly, and website maintenance tools were difficult to use, even for skilled developers. We thought we could do it better. So rather than following the herd, we designed our own product.


Our idea was to simplify the entire website content maintenance process. You may have used content management systems before that weren’t like the other software packages you’re familiar with. You had to learn new commands and navigate multiple windows to make simple changes to your website. No more. We’ve eliminated editing screens and integrated your editing features directly into the web page itself. You’ll see familiar drag & drop functionality, and intuitive commands, icons and shortcuts that make sense in a Windows or Mac environment. Convoy is a cross-platform web content management solution to meet your needs.


While the website content maintenance and inventory control processes are simple and easy-to-use, the management system itself has a complex infrastructure behind the scenes. The brute strength of Convoy is in the secure code structure, the rigorously tested features and an add-on system that allows for easy system enhancements to our base model. Every package includes site theming / skinning, site galleries, inventory management and display, email contact forms, Google Analytics integration, URL customization, content inheritance, permission-driven approvals, flexibility for mobile viewing across multiple devices, and much more. Click here to read more about features.


Your brand and messaging are key elements to creating a engaging picture of who you are as a company in the minds of potential customers. Today’s consumer often bases their view of a company on a single impression, an impression that is enhanced over time through further exposure. Your web presence is an opportunity to create that first impression. If your web site seems unsophisticated, generic, unattractive, or simply outdated, potential clients will view you as the same. However, if your site is modern, distinct, attractive and current, your site will generate a positive impression of your company with potential clients and they will be more likely to contact you.

Unlike many web development companies, we do not use stock templates. We treat your brand and design with the respect it deserves. Our talented development team works with you to create quality design that makes an impression on your clients… whether they’re seeing your site in the office, on a tablet, or on their phone.


Your website should be fully functional and working for you. Broken links and outdated information destroy a first impression. In addition to having a web presence that works, you also need it to stand out. In this new media economy, it’s crucial for your company to reach both new and existing customers to grow your business. With so many competitors in the marketplace, it can be difficult to deliver your message, and even more difficult to generate sales leads. The modern dealership can benefit from every possible advantage. Convoy is one of those advantages.

Zling + Hive = Innovation

Zling Creative & Hive Technologies Inc.have joined forces to develop CONVOY ICM. The combination of Zling's superior design vision and Hive's development expertise has produced a truly innovative offering for clients who want to stand out from the crowd.

Convoy is a version of the HORIZON ICM website content management system designed specifically for the Heavy Automotive Dealer industry. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.